NV 3.0

Your Creative Community

Creative Ethos

Firstly, we believe that content creators and artists at all levels of skill and experience should have a commercial platform to develop their ideas in a friendly environment.

Essentially, we don’t agree that individuals should spend years building a following on social media to begin making some income from their digital creations.  

Secondly, we don’t believe that skill levels should be a barrier in learning from others. What this means is that, hobbyists beginners, seasoned pro’s and industry specialists can problem solve and socialise in a friendly environment to help push each other to the top, rather than climb over each other on the way up.

This 3rd iteration of the site is now largely out of beta, although we are still dealing with some bugs and upgrading some services, so please bear with us.  However, the forum is now in development. We’ll be closely integrating seller profiles with a social interactivity, commission rates, volume sales and other fancy expressions. 


We currently start all new sellers at a 55% commission on everything you sell, and with a minimum £2 product cost. We cover all the PayPal fees and hosting costs, so you’ll always know exactly how much income you’ll earn for each product. For example, if your product is listed at £3, you’ll receive £1.65. We don’t make any profit from it, but you do and that’s what is important.

Over the first three months of 2017 we will have the forum fully developed, up and running, and you’ll have absolute clarity on increasing your seller status level, and raising your commission amount up to 75%.


By the very nature of the content available on NV, many buyers are also content creators producing work, using available assets for YouTube channels, fan productions, and personal entertainment.

We strongly advise buyers to continue to explore their production abilities and consider contributing to the forum! (when it’s online). Buyers are very welcome in the forum, and in fact we all count on buyers giving feedback to sellers so they can bring you new content based on your needs.



Our forum build is underway, and will be the social hub for buyers, sellers, and site visitors to interact.

Need to learn a new skill or have a tutorial for others? The forum will create a safe and attitude-free environment for individuals at all levels of skill to interact with each other. Sellers will benefit from our social status levels which grant extra permissions and site badges based upon the quality and quantity of input, and seller performance. We hope to have the forum in place and fully integrated by the end of spring 2017.

Site Development

This new 3.0 version of the site is out of beta in December 2016 but still undergoing minor tweaks, upgrades, and bug fixes.

While the forum build is underway you can keep up to date with website development, tutorials, and guides by visiting our blog pages from the nav bar at the top of any NeonVisual page. Site members will also find notifications of new blogs appearing in the notification (top of every NV page next to your name) area once logged in.