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Sep 5 2016

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A quick update on beta progress.

We’ve isolated and fixed several PHP issues plaguing the site last Friday due to some duff code on the transfer from the dev servers to ours, so most functions are now working as they should.
We’re now tinkering with several visual aspects of the site to ensure we don’t end up with overlapping icons, removed/added some text which was either missing entirely, or wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place.

For existing sellers, the button on your seller page management now reads “update and view” instead of “upgrade account”. This makes it clear that you can simply check the two T’s & C’s buttons and then view your seller profile page to see how it looks. You can then either go back in your browser, or click “my seller page” on your nav bar again and you’ll be taken back make any changes and then view them again straight away.

500 letter text description updated to show correct characters remaining still needs adjustment (system is currently not including a return keystroke as a character). We’re also considering upping the text availability to 1000 characters to fill in the space on your pages, will see how it looks after devs implement it and let you know if it’s a go.

We’ve streamlined the process of moderating videos in the back end, so turnaround should be faster.

Fixing promo video embedding so there’s no promo of other videos at the end, titles removed, player controls removed, and autoplay added by default, which will allow your buyers to focus on your page without being distracted by other stuff. 

We’ve limited the number of icons showing on home page product boxes to 4 so they fit better in the box. We’ll be doing the same for featured seller and featured product boxes too. You’ll still be able to select up to 5 categories on product upload pages. We’d always suggest limiting it to relevant categories, rather than filling all 5 for the sake of it. For example, if you are selling a texture pack then by all means select jpg and png or whatever as it tells your buyer what they need to know, but if you’re uploading a 3d model, it’s pretty much accepted practice that there will be jpg and png textures included, so you should only really need to list the model format such as LightWave or 3dsMax. This also helps indexing search results correctly, so for example someone looking for a rock texture can type “rock” into the search bar, click the image categories they want, and then be shown rock textures, rather than models containing a footpath in some 3D application they have never used.

You’ll be seeing some odd icon sizes and constraining over the next few days while we perfect reactive stuff, so don’t be alarmed if some icons look out of proportion.
We’ve identified that we need better image size specifications at the point of upload, so bear with us while we perfect that to work with reactive design.

We’ll also be implementing a solution to better crop your product/seller page cover images so they don’t have gaps under them in product boxes, as they currently don’t work well with reactive design on larger monitor resolutions. You'll find two new upload options in your seller edit page, and your product image upload popup.

Working on issues with password confirmation emails going in to spam folders due to the SMTP host we’re using. Will update you as it progresses.
Is anyone experiencing issues with constantly being logged out after short periods away from the site, or even just in another browser window? Please let us know, it seems to be a problem for some people but not others.

Some people reporting they can’t upload products at all, with errors like 0mb upload maximum preventing anything being added. Can anyone else confirm this issue?

Issue reported in seller profile page picture management, maximum of 5 images allowed but some users have been given 10, with 5 of those being completely uneditable or irremovable. Can anyone else report this issue?

Some people are reporting strange activity when they opened their seller account and confirmed their email address. The site flow resulted in some confusing/conflicting popups after the email confirmation was clicked. Can anyone else report such issues? I personally encountered this too, but it was when we had PHP issues last week, so may well now be working properly.
Thanks again for your feedback and interaction, it’s making the debug much faster and giving you a tool that works better for your self promotion. Incidentally we’ve got around 60 new betas signing up toward the end of the week now that most of the basic functions are in place. We’re continuing to work on back end functionality too which you guys don’t get to see, but makes the front end more efficient and the user experience less convoluted. My email address for feedback, questions or problems is and any screenshots you could provide would be awesome
Will keep you updated!

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