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Oct 18 2016

Now anyone can upload

We're Live! 
Now what?

Welcome to the new and improved NV site with one important distinction - now you can sell your own content too!
Check back through the previous two blogs to learn how some of the site's functions developed, the seller levels, profile pages, product pages.

By default everyone who sells their content on NeonVisual is at the base commission rate of 50%. This is higher than any market leaders such as Shutterstock (22%-38%) and Turbosquid (40%), and we don't require you to sell exclusively on our website or charge you a subscription.

Commission rates increase as you move up through the Seller Status Levels (more about that in previous blogs). 

This means that for every £1 of download sales of your content, NeonVisual pays you 50p commission straight to your PayPal account, and we also take the hit for the PayPal fees. We don't charge a site subscription, so you literally earn as you go with 50% of each of your product's sale price going directly to your PayPal account. 

Our top seller levels of nine and ten give you 65%-70% commission, which we’re proud to offer as it is far, far beyond anything offered on any other digital media sites.Top seller levels are achieved through consistent sale prices, volumes and customer feedback. 

Our forum build is in progress right now, and is where you will find specific details on requirements for each seller level and progression to the next. For now, you can enjoy the 50% rate as standard, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate in firing an email through to info@neonvisual.com.
Welcome to the project!

Sep 5 2016

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Jan 7 2017

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