Cinematics Tutorial

Jan 11 2017

HitFilm Tutorial

Hello There!

Welcome to the first tutorial of many! evey month you will see a new episode on NeonVisual as apart of the social learning system, once the forum is up and running you can then discuss and request tutorials in the learning thread.

In this tutorial we take a look at creating some interesting ways you can create cinematic
backing for your intro titles, Just like After effects and its turbulence effect HitFilm has
Something that behaves in a similar way.

Released in HitFilm 3 Pro the heat distortion effect was originally designed to produce
heat haze over your source footage, this would generate heat patterns in bright spots
giving the illusion that you were in a hot environment.
Because this effect is dependant on a light source we can use a simple light flare
to act as the target to be manipulated by a combination of three key effects

- Fractal Noise

- Displacement

- Diffusion

The Heat Distortion effect is something that is going to be present in most of
Procedural algorithm tutorials so I hope you enjoy!

Jan 7 2017

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Jan 29 2017

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