New for 2017

Jan 7 2017

Product Box Image

We now have an improved image uploader for sellers which will give you more control over how your product appears on the site.

Sellers can now upload three separate promotional images at different sizes which display on the front page, in search results, and on your product page itself. 
This will allow you to properly place text and details of in your images to ensure things like site labels and icons don't hide your marvellous creations!
It will also have the secondary effect of dramatically increasing page load times across the site as we're no longer scaling down large images in the browser. 

For your existing products you can simply go to your portfolio, select your product to edit, and then use the "site promo images" popup to update your product. Click finish and it's done!

We've also made a few minor tweaks here and there to tidy up pages, image sliders and upload processes, as well as fixing a PayPal API bug which appeared over Christmas. 

This month we welcome new seller "malcomtucker" of MTStudio to the site. You can check out their "2016 Tardis Model" on the front page, and in search.

Thank you for your continued support while we work through the final few bugs on the site, next up is the Forum build, we'll keep you updated!

NV Director

Oct 18 2016

End of beta

Jan 11 2017

Cinematics Tutorial