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Jan 29 2017

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First of all, a warm welcome to the new site! I’m Xander, owner NeonVisual Ltd, and this is the 3rd iteration of website in which we have worked hard to bring an important new function – you can now develop and sell your own content to a global audience of buyers and followers.
The ethos behind the decision to redevelop the website is the simple idea that we believe everyone should have access to a platform in which they can not only interact with their audience and refine their creative skills, but also earn an income while doing it, which can mean the difference between working on an outdated computer and building a custom machine, having a software plugin or not having it. This is a journey that I and others know only too well, as computer hardware and software up to the task of visual effects (my specialism) can be a very expensive business to be in!

It can also be difficult to engage with your audience on platforms such as YouTube or Facebook where everyone is an armchair director, which can make it difficult to focus development of your creative skills with such a wide range of critical feedback. The solution to that is to be focusing efforts with your potential customers directly, developing your skillset in the marketplace itself and determining what makes a good product by building a line of successful digital products.

This new version of the website is an ongoing development project in which we are continually adding new features, debugging and working to improve the tools available to both buyers and sellers. One key area now in development is the forum, as we believe that social interaction is a critical tool in developing new skills, collaborating with others, and working together to explore and refine what we do. Over the coming months we’ll be gradually introducing the forum as it’s developed.


What do I need to start selling on NeonVisual?

It’s very important that you use only your own content in your digital products, and do not distribute 3rd party content which you either didn’t create yourself, or contains parts you didn’t create yourself. The only exception to this is when you gain written permission from a 3rd party that you may use their content or assets in a commercial (money making) product. It is up to you to ensure you have all the permissions needed, and you can find full details in our website terms of use, image upload and video upload policies. T’s&C’s can be read by clicking the link at the bottom of every NeonVisual page, and you can find image and video policies by clicking the links at the bottom of product upload/edit product pages. It is important you read and agree to all policies before uploading your first product.

You will also need a PayPal account to receive funds. Currently we offer a starting commission amount of 55% for new sellers. This means that for every £1 your product sells for, you will receive 55p. NeonVisual pay all PayPal transaction fees and we don’t charge a site membership fee either. The minimum product price you can set is £2. Any product price below that will result in the buyer being unable to purchase your product. Currently PayPal charge us 20p + 3.4% of the transaction value. Once you have opened a PayPal account you are ready to receive funds. You don’t need a credit/debit card or bank account with PayPal, but we recommend you do add one where possible.

New accounts

When you create a basic account on NeonVisual you can choose your username and add your personal details including your full name and address, an avatar, and confirming your email address. This will allow you basic site functions such as buying products and accessing the forum (once it’s built).

In order to sell you must then upgrade your account to a seller account by clicking the red “upload” button on the nav bar at the top of the page. You can then begin the process of creating and personalising your seller page, including your image gallery which will showcase your best productions to the world and give you a chance to write a brief introduction to yourself, your skills, your passions, and anything else you feel relevant to your creative talents. You can come back to edit your seller page at any point in the future. Try to keep your images as close to the image size requirements displayed in the upload popups and text boxes.


Uploading your first product

After completing your seller account upgrade you can then upload your first product by following the steps given on screen. Take your time when creating your product, don’t rush through the page, and ensure you keep to the image size requirements, particularly the “site promo images” which have three different size requirements to correctly display your products across the website in search results, in the homepage product boxes, and on the product page itself. We’d recommend you keep a template of each image size which will make it much quicker for you to drop and upload images again in future.  The first time you upload a product can take a bit of time while you learn what you need to upload, but after that you’ll be able to run through the page quite quickly. Believe me, I know, I’ve had to do it for 40 products when transferring content from the old site to the new!


You will also be able to choose between uploading a promotional video to your product page, or select up to five images to show in an image carousel. Again please ensure your images meet the size requirements given on screen to avoid your images becoming distorted/rejected by the server.


Your product itself should be zipped up in to one file, new sellers are limited to a product size of 30mb. 


You can then choose the appropriate category for your product by selecting up to five at the bottom of the product upload page. Remember – this is the category of the product and it’s files, not a statement of the software you’ve used. So if you have created a green screen video in After Effects you should select “VFX Asset” and “Green Screen”, and not “After Effects”.  The only occasion in which you’d select “After Effects” would be if the product itself contains an AE project file. If, on the other hand you create a 3D model and you know the file is compatible with a number of 3D packages then you should select them from the available lists, and don’t forget to select image formats too if your model has textures included in your product file.


You can come back to edit your product at any time in the future, so you can update the description, swap your images/video, add additional categories etc. We’d recommend NOT changing your product file unless you absolutely have to (for example to fix a bug or missing file). If you have further refined or improved your product you should create a new product and add “version 2”, or “2017 version” etc. This is because your buyers have access to their purchase for 30 days, so if you change the product they may not be able to re-download what they have already bought.
Besides, adding successive new “V2” and “V3” products not only shows your buyers that you actively engage in making improvements to your product offerings, but also helps you build a customer base who will often come back and buy the updated product too!


Making a sale is easy

NeonVisual uses PayPal’s Adaptive Payments API with our own app and as the primary receiver, which sounds a bit of a mouthful, but essentially means that when a user buys a product your commission amount will be sent to your PayPal account immediately. Neither buyer or seller can see each other’s details, and you can use the tools provided in your NeonVisual account to review which products you have sold. You’ll also have a notification when logging in to NeonVisual which you can click to see details of the sale in your commission history page:

And that’s it. Your product will be live and available to purchase right away. If you have chosen to add a promotional video on your product page you’ll see an “awaiting moderation” notice while admin check your video and upload it. We aim to approve it within 24 hours, but usually much quicker during working hours.

Good Luck! You’ll find support email address on our contact page if you have any questions or problems during the account creation or upload process. Reporting any noticeable bugs while we’re still working out of beta testing would also be appreciated! Keep your eyes open for new blogs (you’ll see a notification when you log in) as development continues, and we look forward to seeing your work showcased on the site!



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