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I'm Xander, a self-taught specialist in Lightwave3d & After Effects since 2012, hold a Degree in Commercial Photography from the Arts University Bournemout, and a Foundation Dip in Art & Design (Distinction), although I spent most of my degree enjoying post retouch.

Areas of specialism include obsessive love of all things sci-fi VFX.

In the past I've created various Doctor Who title sequences which have proven popular in the YouTube community, with a couple surpassing one million views each.

I've recently built a home server farm consisting of 16 Intel Xenon 8 core CPU's which helps with LightWave renders where I previously paid for external farm time.

I also founded NeonVisual. I'm in the process of bringing some of the most popular content from my old site across, so keep a lookout while we continue through beta. This site is aimed at aspiring and professional creatives having a platform to promote their work while generating an income to help progress their skillset!

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Liquid Vortex

I love this vortex pack!!!

review left by Aiden Rawlings-Carrasco

Tardis Greenscreen HD Pack

Excellent product

review left by Frank R New

Vortex HD Bumper Pack (2014)


review left by Nathan Broockman

2015 Clean Titles V2


review left by Josh Dority

Stars Vortex


review left by Josh Dority

2015 Clean Titles V2


review left by Andrea Magnoni

2015 Vortex & Tardis Mega Pack

Not enough to work with for seven euro out of my wallet....

review left by Carl Lovett

Trapcode Vortex Mega Pack 4gb

pretty good

review left by Eanostman

2015 Clean Titles V2


review left by Jack Tebble

2013 Clean Titles


review left by Jack Tebble

Tardis Greenscreen HD Pack

I can't seem to download the content.

review left by Henry Kwok

Tardis Greenscreen HD Pack

Cant download it somehow

review left by Jan Panther

Tardis Greenscreen HD Pack

Download link didn't even work

review left by Will

Orange Vortex

Recently lost all my computer files, anyway I am able to reinstall this product as I have already bought it?

review left by Fraser Mitchell