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I'm Xander Hugh, a self-taught specialist in Lightwave3d & After Effects since 2012, hold a Degree in Commercial Photography from AUB, and a Foundation Dip in Art & Design (Distinction), although I spent most of my degree enjoying post and image retouch.

Areas of specialism include obsessive love of all things sci-fi VFX.

In the past I've created various Doctor Who title sequences which have proven popular in the YouTube community, with one in particular surpassing one million views.

I've recently built a home server farm consisting of 16 Intel Xenon 8 core CPU's which helps with LightWave renders where I previously paid for external farm time.

I also founded NeonVisual. I'm in the process of bringing some of the most popular content from my old site across, so keep a lookout while we continue through beta. This site is aimed at aspiring and professional creatives having a platform to promote their work while generating an income to help progress their skillset!